Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Easton is here!!!

Easton Rodes King was born on October 18th at 9:11 AM. Weighing 8 lbs and 1 Oz and 19 3/4 inches long. about his name... Spencer knew for a while that his name should be Easton. it took me a little bit to be 100%. I had a couple other names I liked but Spencer was sold on Easton. I didn't hate it so that's what it is. It fits him perfectly (spencer was right, I just wanted to see him to make sure). His middle name had been decided for a long time (a couple kids ago, lol). Rode is short for Rodeback and the S stands for Spencer.

And now for the birth story....skip of you don't care for the birth story.... on the 17th I went in for my usual weekly appointment. they asked if I wanted to be checked and possibly have a sweep done. I hesitantly said yes. I was dialated to a 2 so he did the procedure. "oh my goodness, what have I agreed to!!!!???" was the main thing running through my mind. I don't necessarily recommend this to ladies but it obviously helped.... any who after the visit I began contracting. I was having contractions all day long but nothing serious and I went throughout my day. I kept contracting that night, they were getting uncomfortable but still nothing serious so we all just went to bed. about 2 am I woke up to really uncomfortable ones but nothing I could time and I was able to get back to bed. about 4 am I woke up and it was PAINFUL. They still weren't consistent so I tried to tough it out. Spencer got up and got ready to go, but I insisted it wasn't time yet. around 5:30 I couldn't take the pain anymore and we called my parents to come get out kids. we got to the hospital around 6 and got all checked in. I found out I was dialated to a 7. A SEVEN! I couldn't believe it. I have never been that far along and haven't had an epidural. they took my blood and sent it off to labs.... all the while I had to wait to get an epidural until the results were back. I didn't think I would last. I was in so much pain and I was begging for the guy to come and give me drugs!!! I don't know how long it took but it felt like an hour. I was going crazy. the guy finally came around 7 and I was happy as a clam after that. lol. modern medicine is awesome. anyway I labored for a little bit longer, my body did the usual vomiting to speed up labor, and the room was prepped. pushing was longer then the rest but after a little bit he was here (still weird to say he/him).

he has platinum blond hair and fair skinned. he definitely takes after spencer. his original due date was the 27th. I have mixed feelings about the procedure I had done to go into labor, but I am glad he came sooner! I was ready to be done. Our family is now complete and we are in love!
(More pictures coming soon!!)

Monday, July 25, 2016

Baby moon

Spencer and I took a much needed vacation! We didn't go far but we had a fantastic time. We originally wanted to go to Spokane or Coeur d'Alane but every hotel was booked! I didn't want to travel too far, this pregnancy has been super hard on me, so we decided on tri cities! We stayed in a fancy hotel and ate our way through kennewick, pasco and richland! It was a perfect lazy weekend! I had such a great time with Spencer. I sure love this guy!



(More pics coming soon)

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 2016

May is a big month for us!
 First off we celebrated Cinco de mayo. Nothing big this year just ate some tacos and had some really good flan!
Next was Harper's 5th birthday! (See other post). The theme was frozen fever!
The day after was mothers day! The day before we went to brunch with my family to bobs. Yum. On sunday we went to cathys sacrament and had dinner at her house. After we headed on over to my parents house for dessert. Busy day but we had fun. The girls made me a bunch of drawing and hand print art. Spencer gave me some money and said don't come back unless you find clothes. I really need clothes to cover my growing belly and replace my worn out maternity clothes. It was a wonderful mothers day!
Laska needed someone to house sit for her for the weekend so we headed to Wenatchee for the weekend. We had a great time and explored the plibus market for the first time. We had a lot of fun!
Adyson had her last softball game. It was a great season. We found out after that Adyson's team was first in the division! So proud of them!
The next weekend brought springfest!!! So much fun! The first night Spencer and I went on a date and had some great food while Adyson and Harper had some fun of their own. Dee and America bought them wrist bands to ride the rides and they had a blast with their aunt and uncle. They even won huge stuffed animals. Saturday we did the usual camp out at the PUD and wait for the parade. Monday brought the visits to the cemetary. After we went and got some fruitalettas.
It was a busy month but a super fun one.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

April 2016

Not too much going in this month. Some of the Rodebacks all got to ether to help out/surprise my Aunt Elaine paint her house. I couldn't do much but make a salad for the bbq but we had a lot of fun. It was a mini reunion and her house was painted very quickly. Adyson had her first softball game and she did great and had a lot of fun. She was also in the softball/baseball parade with her team the snap shots. It was a long warm day but we had fun. Adyson and I were able to attend muffins with mom at the end of the month at her school. It was fun to go and take a silly picture with her and have a yummy poppy seed muffin. She had a lot of fun. Also at the end of the month something big happened! Harper registered for kindergarten! Can you believe it! I am still in shock she is old enough to be going to school. Now I will have 2 in school and for a little bit one at home (2 in october!) Life is just flying by!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

March 2016

March brought on a big celebration! Spencer turned 30! We clebrated by having a Back to the 80s themed party at chicos. We dressed in our best 80s clothes and pigged out on pizza. We even had a guess the singer/song game for everyone to play and a best dressed contest, which Cavern won, but Cathy was a close 2nd with her pregnancy outfit (since she only remembers being pregnant through the 80s, lol!) We also announced to the family that we are expecting (Spencer could NOT keep it in any longer. The day I told him he told 3 or 4 co-workers!)
I have noticed that I really haven't spent one-on-one time with the two older girls so this month I tried to make an effort. Adyson and I went to the BYU I dance ensamble. She was in heaven! They had music and dances from all around the world. It was really awesome. She danced in her seat the whole time. I really wanted to take harper to shrek the musical the community put on but I was feeling super sick so Grandma Cathy took Harper (thank you!) She had so much fun and talks about it all the time. She even got her own set of shrek ears. Next month I plan to make up our mommy/daughter date!
We of course celebrated St. Patrick's Day. Didn't do much, dressed them in green and colored their breakfast (eggs) green. I'm super tired right now so that's all I came up with.
Harper ended her soccer season. She had so much fun and received a trophy, the highlight of the season. We had a pizza party at the old adventure park building and they were able to play in a huge play place they had. It was a great time.
Adyson started up softball! We are all super pumped if you cant tell!!!
I almost forgot to mention easter! It's so weird when it falls in march. We dyed eggs the day before at my parents house. The next day we had both our parents at church with us and the girls wore adorable matching dresses and shoes from cathy. We went to Aunt Marge and Becky's house to celebrate with the kings for lunch and an egg hunt and later we went out to crystals house to celebrate with the Rodebacks and Bruces. The kids had a hunt and the adults had a in the dark hunt with glow sticks. It was hard but everyone won a giftcard. It was really fun. Had to wait until it was super late to do it though. I won a hastings gc and bought myself a new jack johnson record :)

Monday, February 29, 2016

February 2016

This month brought sickness/dr. visits, superbowl/valentines, a field trip, soccer and a surprise!

Sickness: Adyson woke up super sick one day with really bad weezing (sp?) and a fever. She was not feeling well at all. We made it into the dr and she had to be xrayed to make sure it wasn't anything really bad. The dr concluded that she had some sort of lung thing going on and she had to be on a nebulizer. Luckily insurance covered the whole thing and now me own one. They had all sorts of animals to choose from and of course we went with a panda. We call him weezy. Adyson was sick for alost a week and missed 4 days of school. When she went back she couldn't go outside for recess for a week. It Sucked but now she is all better. At the beginning of the month Taryn had a specialist appointment. We have noticed that Taryn walks with one foot turned in and her legs were slightly bowed. Not too big of a concern but enough to be checked out. Dr. Wu confirmed that she does have a turned in leg and walks with her left leg/foot turned in. It wasn't bad to require surgery or brace so that awesome. He reccomends that when she's old enough, she need to try roller blading or ice skating to help turn the leg out. So glad it's not as bad as I was imagining! He said she should grow out of it.

Superbowl/Valentines: we celebrated the superb owl over at my parents house for tristan's bday. Although we were sad the Seahawks didn't make it, we were super happy Denver won and Peyton went out on top (ok I don't care too much for watching the game, I'm just there for food and commercials, lol)
  Well this year Valentines fell on a Sunday so we stayed home and had dinner as a family. I of course dressed up the girls in vday shirts and forced them to take pictures. I have to! It's in my blood to celebrate almost every holiday! The day before Spencer and I went out to eat at China Buffet and did a little shopping WITH OUT kids. It was awesome!

Field trip and Soccer: Harper went on another field trip, this time to dominos. She was able to make her own half of a pizza with ANY topping she wanted. It was packed with tons of stuff on it. It was actually good too. Harper started soccer up again too. She was put with a really great team/coach this year (any thing is better then last year's coach!) She is having a great time.

AND the surprise is...... we are expecting! It was another one of those, "well i guess we are blessed with three and that's it but check one last time to be sure" moments. Happened with Taryn and now with #4. We are super excited and I am due in october. Hoping/praying/crossing our fingers for a boy but anything happy and healthy is more than welcomed into our home :). Can't wait!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 2016

The new year brought the end of basketball for Adyson. She loved being able to learn a new sport (I think she liked hanging out with her cousins more). Adyson also had some softball clinics which she loved. I'm so happy she likes softball! It's one of the sports I actually know a lot about! I love softball!

Well besides sports, Adyson received student of the month! She was awarded academic effort. She has been doing so well in school and love it and loves her teacher Mrs. Cox. She just likes to be apart of anything.

 Adyson was also able to take Kamaile on her shopping trip for her Bday. We took Kamaile to ross and they had a fashion show and I bought kamaile a shirt. We went to blue palm after to celebrate. They had a blast.

This was a big month for Harper. I have tried to home preschool Harper but it just wasn't working. I was holding out as much as I could, I really didn't want to spend the money and really thought I could do it. Nope, teaching is super hard. I contacted a lady in my ward for help (she runs a preschool in her home) and as luck would have it she had a spot open! So Harper started preschool at Preschool Express with Mrs/Sis Bruneel. She is having so much fun and it is so good for her! She also had her first field trip to McDonalds, which she loved.

Taryn is just growing and learning. She had her 18m check up and she is doing fine. I don't have the stats on hand but I know she is healthy! Taryn is just busy tagging along to sisters events and playing with mom at home when they are both at school. She's just an all around happy girl. She loves to take pictures and laugh at anything.
We finally played in the snow and made a snow man too!